Hygiene. Or the lack thereof / Hygiène. Ou le manque d'icelle

English first / Français ensuite When considering a group of people socializing naked, you would expect a rigourous hygiene. By a vast majority, this is the case. Naturists take many showers, and anyway considering that clothes are one the main cause of sweating and subsequent smells... for a given hot day, the situation is better with naturists than with textile people. But in some cases, we can encounter some unpleasant situations regarding hygiene in naturism. Two of them are coming to my mind instantly. The first one is that a few naturists are so close to Nature that they actually consider that sweat and other body odors are natural and therefore part of the game. No. Smelly armpits or worse even smelly bottom are no more natural than bad breath or smelly feet. We are talking about social nudity in naturism, and in order to socialize, there are some unwritten rules to follow. I am not talking about people who have some physical conditions that implies bad smell, but about pe

I am not your Naked-ass / Je ne suis pas votre Cul-nu

English first / Français ensuite The English version of this article may be awkward, because I don't know if there is a derogatory and widely used term for naturists in English... In French, cul-nu (naked-ass) is often used, and that pisses me off. Recently, while driving out of my naturist club, I stopped to give way to a family of trekkers. My car window was down, and I could hear precisely one the kids asking in a LOUD hushed voice 'is he a naked-ass?' This term is, for me, totally derogatory. Bear in mind that in France, decades of anti-discrimination activism and the constitutional principle of Equality has made it that no one is supposed to use any kind of derogatory term for any minority. Actually, we don't even have ethnic or racial statistics in France because ethnies or races does not exist according to our laws. So, why is it so 'normal' to call naturists 'naked-asses', and even calling them that in their face? Do you imagine calling

Need my fix... / Y m'faut ma dose...

English first / Français ensuite When I told my family (my mother precisely) that I was a naturist, she was taken aback, considering how modest I was. But actually, I left home to live on my own at 19, and teen years are surely the ones when you tend to become modest... so no surprise if she has the memory of a modest guy. She was a bit questioning me, so I told her that what I found in naturism is an environment to 'let it go'. (do you want a link to Frozen's 'Let it go'? no, thanks?) That's something I was not expecting when I was considering joining the movement. By the way, between the time I got interested in naturism and started gather information and the moment I stepped forward naked among people, it took less than 2 weeks... I thought I would find it a bit transgressive, that it would be exciting (as in thrilling, not as in aroused). But I did not expect it would be such a self-fulfilment thing, the kind of experience that makes you ponder why you

Freed from desire / Désir, désir...

English first / Français ensuite (if you want some background music, here is the 90s eurodance earworm hit Freed from desire by Gala) A naturist blog would not be a naturist blog if it does not address the unavoidable topic : sexual desire, or the lack thereof. Remember that the principle of naturism is non-sexual social nudity. And bear in mind that for non-naturists, this is probably the most puzzling aspect of our way of life: how can you all be naked and not give a fuck about it? (got it? a fuck about having a fuck? ah ah ah... so lame...) Well, I won't play hide and seek for long: in my opinion, naturism is presented as 'non-sexual' because it is in vast majority non-sexual. But whatever the Guardians of the Dogm can say, naturism is not 100% non-sexual. There are some sexual aspects. Naturists are not neutered, they can have desires, and I think this is normal: naturism is about being human as simplest as possible. The thing is: whether you are naturist or

Full-nudity and why it matters / La nudité intégrale and pourquoi c'est important

English first / Français ensuite When I started to be a naturist, I first crawled the web, and all these message-boards we can find (though I started mostly on the French ones). My aim was to find the best place (and time!) to discover social nudity for real, and I found out a resort near my home, where I booked of a weekend. So, first, about all I've read on the message-boards... it seems like there are many 'couch-naturists' out there... Honestly, I don't see the point in posting messages saying 'hi I am naked at home, I am so naturist, though I have never set foot in a naturist place, but soon I will summon the courage to go there, I promise'. OK. Man, you have just been posting this kind of stuff for... several years! In the country where naturism is probably the most developed and accessible. Come on! What is it you did not get in social nudity? Before I got a real interest in naturism, I had thought that nudism what about showing off how well-built

Naturism. Frankly. And this is why... / Naturisme. Sans détour. Et voici pourquoi...

English first, français ensuite Wow! Another blog about naturism, or nudism! Indeed, there are not enough of these over the internet! So, why am I starting a blog on naturism, and even a bilingual one? Here is why: I am vacationing right now, a bit bored at times (sea, swimming-pool, hammock, meal, sea, swimm...), you get the picture there are many message-boards over the web discussing about naturism/nudism, but they tend to be either under moderated and therefore full of rubbish, or over-moderated and as soon as you try to address real issues, the morality-squad is upon you to bring you in front of the Dogma Court... I just need a place of my own, where I can speak frankly as a naturist. Comments will be off because I am not starting a forum, I am here to express what is on my mind, not to trigger debates (if you want to express another opinion regarding what I am writing, start your blog too...) bilingual (English and French) because I am French and since I have a decent comm